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You’re not my life, but you’re the one I want to spend it with. You’re not my world, but you’re the best thing in it :”)

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A new report asking experts what disasters they’re afraid of has enough in it to make you hide under the bed. Bad news for optimists: The experts think global catastrophe is more likely than ever.

Predicting Disasters Of The Future: Economic Disaster, Water Shortages, And Cyber Attacks 


ten pages of the booklet “overcoming shyness” *_*

the tendas rewrote it for future generations after ness returned to the book to the library

the whole thing is approximately thirty pages



From Iron Man to Kermit the Frog, artist Matthew Gallagher took a large group of his favorite pop culture icons and simplified them for your viewing pleasure.

Prints and iPhone cases are now on sale at Society6.

Pop Culture Icons by Matthew Gallagher (Society6) (Flickr) (Twitter)

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‘The Avengers’ series found on Society6 as art prints and stretched canvas.



Ball-point Batman Sketch - by Danilo Rodrigues Almeida


DC Entertainment serves up a sneak peak at the next step in its evolution as a multimedia entertainment company, with a new brand and interactive logo that celebrate its long history of secret identities, superpowers and storytelling.

The new overarching concept embraces the DC Entertainment corporate identity—which comprises publishing, media, and merchandise. That includes the three publishing imprints—DC Comics (superheroes), Vertigo (edgier fare), and Mad Magazine (humor)—plus movies, TV shows, video games, DVDs and merchandising, most of which are distributed by Warner Bros. Thematically, the new look and feel imparts a sense of great storytelling, appeals to all ages, and is flexible across media, digital platforms, and characters.

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Industrial skyline, nighttime


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